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All of our programs are designed to address the developmental needs of each individual child. The staff of Rocket Academy & Early Learning Centre are continuously working to ensure that their programs address all dimensions of a child’s development. Our daily programs are filled with activities that enhance their sense of self worth, encourage self help skills, are cognitively stimulating and develop independent thinking.There are ten main areas in the classroom consisting of science and discovery, sensory, cognitive, block play, dramatic, creative, music and movement, language and motor development.

Infant Program

Children, especially infants, learn through movement and exploration, the goal of our infant program is to provide your child with the necessary freedom to do both. Rocket Academy ELC staff provide the infants with materials and guidance that develop and refine the skills needed to achieve the next stage of their development, such as grasping, kicking, crawling, talking and other gross and fine motor skills.  Our Infant program is designed for children aged 6 weeks to 18 months.  The teacher to child ratio is 1 to 3 with a group size of 6 children which allows for each child’s needs to be quickly responded to and met. Room staffed by one Registered Early Childhood Educators (RECE) and one Early Childhood Education Assistant.   Anticipated expansion to 9 infants expected soon.

Toddler Program

During the toddler stage of development, children have a strong desire to be independent and exercise their decision making skills. Providing opportunities for children to do both are key elements in our Toddler Room. At Rocket Academy ELC we encourage toddlers entering this environment to take an active role in caring for themselves by putting away their belongings, choosing which activity they do, tiding up after themselves and deciding whether to sing songs or hear stories. Our Toddler program is designed for children aged 18 to 30 months. The teacher to child ratio is 1 to 5 with a group size of 10 children which allows for both small and large group activities.   Rocket Academy ELC has 2 toddler                rooms, total capacity 23.  Program Rooms are staffed by                                                                                                                               Registered Early Childhood Educators (RECE ) and Early                                                                                                                                 Childhood Education Assistants. 

Preschool Program 

Our Preschool Program incorporates the freedom of exploration and movement found in the infant room with the drive for independence and decision making found in the toddler room, and supports the growing intellect of the child.  Rocket Academy ELC recognizes that literacy and numeracy skills are fundamental building blocks for success in school and in life. They are priorities throughout a child’s education, involving every teacher, every parent and every student, beginning before he or she enters school. Therefore, we have designed the Preschool Program to introduce these concepts to your developing preschooler.  Our Preschool Program is designed for children 2½ to 6 years of age.  The teacher to child ratio is 1 to 8 with a group size of 24 children maximum which allows for both small and large group activities. Rocket Academy ELC has 2 preschool rooms, total capacity 44 Program Rooms are staffed by Registered Early Childhood Educators(RECE) and Early Childhood 

Education Assistants.