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Childcare Fee Assistance (Subsidy) is available through the Region of Peel Children's Services Department.  To apply for a fee subsidy or use the online calculator to determine if you qualify,  click here.  To keep offering families the same great quality service year after year, Rocket Academy must keep up with the inflation rate. Therefore, the fees are subject to an increase each year.  

Children may be absent from the child care centre at the discretion of the parents, however Rocket Academy will not reimburse the family for any days missed. Rocket Academy is unable to offer “make-up” days in response to a child’s absence. Children who are absent for two consecutive weeks without notification will be considered as withdrawn without notice and the care terminated which will result in the loss of initial deposit.

Please note that fees will continue to be paid during vacations.


Infant Rate (0-18 months)

Full Time $ 377.75 per week

Full Time Daily Rate $75.55 per day 

Toddler Rate (18 months – 30 months (2.5 years)

Full Time Daily Rate $57.83 per day

Full Time $289.15 per week

Preschool Rate (2.5 – 4 years)

Full Time $248.75 per week

Full Time Daily Rate $49.75 per day